LIS Students Respond To Laudato Si – Care Of The Earth Part 2 – Recycling

A Laudato Si committee of four staff persons continued to bring Pope Francis’ message of “Care for the Earth” to our students. Tira Berglund, School Recycling Specialist from Hennepin County told classes about “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle;” the county is promoting the three Rs. Everyone was urged to practice recycling at home, using the laminated handouts as reminders of what to throw away as “TRASH” and what are “RECYCLABLES.” Realizing the presence of plastics everywhere, we can recycle plastic bags, glass, paper, metal and other plastics. It’s a learning process.


The tags on the display below reminds us of the many benefits of trees.   Trees provide a habitat for many species of animals, combat climate change, absorb CO2, reduce noise, provide wood and paper, offer shade and recharge ground water.  It is important to remember that trees provide health, spiritual, social, economic and artistic benefits.

A fabric GREEN TREE stands in the hall telling all who stop to read that trees are a valuable part of our common home. With printed words as leaves the tree wisely teaches us about the values that trees give us and our planet Earth. The Earth is called our home and our mother.

Read what one student has written as he reflected on the Earth as home and mother.

Teacher Mary Lang

The Earth is Our Common Home

by Phil, LIS Student

Our Earth is a very beautiful planet; among all planets in the universe Earth is the loveliest with mountains, oceans and all manner of environment. Earth is a home to many kinds of creatures.

Mother Earth sustains all life on it, including us humans. She provides all the food we eat and the material goods we use.

Earth produces the various fruits with colored flowers and herbs. We, the human creatures, are the wider family of all creatures of God that have their common home on planet Earth. We live in different spaces or habitats but are linked to each other in a web of relationships.

Trees are crucial to combating climate change because they absorb harmful levels of CO2 from the atmosphere.

Five Reasons to take care of our common home:

  • It is the only home we have.
  • It grounds us.
  • It provides us with food and water.
  • It gives us a place to run and play in.
  • It is a living entity.