It’s a long road to US Citizenship

Posted on March 8, 2016

longroadLIS is very proud of those students who met the requirements and are now US Citizens. When a student from LIS becomes a US Citizen they receive a flag from the school and have their picture posted for all to see.

The process of becoming a US Citizen is not as easy as one would think. It involves following carefully outlined steps and many hours of preparation.

Those students who wish to become US Citizens take a citizen class.  When students in the class pictured above were asked why they want to become a US Citizen the first three responses were:  “I want to vote.”  “I want to live in a free country.”  “I would like to run for office some day!”

In addition to this class, the English teachers work with students so they can read and write at a level of proficiency to pass the citizenship test.

Below is a list of requirements and things to know before becoming a US Citizen.

To be eligible for citizenship one must:

  • Be at lest 18 years old,
  • Be a permanent resident of the US for at lest 5 years (If married to a US citizen three years are required.)
  • Speak, read and write basic English,
  • Pass a test on US History and Government.  To view the questions asked, click on ‘practice test‘.  This link will take you through the 100 questions individuals need to be able to answer.  Take the test.  How well did you do?
  • Have good moral character.

The process includes the following steps

  • Fill out and send the N-400 application to the US Immigration office.
  • Pay a fee of $680.00 (Application fee:  $595.00 plus a fingerprint fee:  $85.00)  Note: There is a fee waiver for low income applicants.
  • Have an interview where civics questions are asked and a basic English test is administered.  This test asks candidates to read three sentences and be able to write three sentences that are dictated.

–After all the above has taken place and successfully completed, the next and final step is to attend the Oath of Allegiance to the United States ceremony.  This ceremony is attended by individuals from many countries and is both formal and moving.

Below is a picture of our most recent LIS student being congratulated by a judge after the Oath of Allegiance ceremony.


For additional information on becoming a US Citizen click here.

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