Pay It Forward

At Learning in Style our students witness a lot of giving and sharing. Teachers, tutors, volunteers and the Sponsor a Family team often offer our students in need new or gently used clothing, household items or things for their children. It appears the LIS students are following this example.

My morning students are Level 2, beginning English. It usually takes a while before I understand what they are trying to say. Last week before class started, Hong Tham started talking “Teacher … a baby??? A baby…??? A Baby something ….” We all listened, guessed, and tried to interpret the charades that Hong Tham was getting so excited about. Finally, we got it! I then said, “Sure, bring the baby carrier and whatever else you have and I’m sure we will find someone who needs it.” Maria was sitting there, not really following the “guessing game” but Celia was following and yelled out, “Hong Tham, Maria needs!!’ So Maria started talking in Spanish and Hong Tham responded in Vietnamese! This went on for a while and then stopped.

Last Wednesday, Hong Tham and her husband came to our classroom with a lovely baby carriage and many beautiful baby girl things that their little girl could no longer use. Hong Tham smiled and said, “Maria!” Maria got up and gave Hong Tham the biggest hug. All my students started clapping!”

We are blessed at Learning in Style to see how far a little English can go and that our students are learning lots more than English.

– Mary Lorentz

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