Community Helpers

Michelle Rivero, director of the Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs (OIRA), spoke with students at LIS about this new office. The OIRA is a part of the Department of Neighborhood and Community Relations in Minneapolis and works to ensure that Minneapolis is a safe and welcoming place for all. The  office is in the Department of Neighborhood & Community Relations, and supports the City’s goal to “eliminate disparities so that all Minneapolis can participate and prosper.”
Michelle focused on three topics 1) how the city can respond to the needs of refugees and immigrants 2) resources, mainly legal assistance and how our students can access those resources and 3) informing people who are not immigrants about the issues immigrants and refugees face. A total of 74 students attended the session. Both students and educators were grateful to hear Michelle speak and recognized the importance of this office. We look forward to collaborating further with Michelle and the OIRA.

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