Prizes for Good Attendance

Every spring we recognize and reward students for good attendance at Learning in Style School. Students receive tickets for each week of perfect attendance. Towards the end of the school year they use these tickets to enter a lottery for prizes and gifts. Donations come from the Sponsor a Family Program as well as from friends of the school. Quilts and blankets, dishes, electronics, book bags, clothing, purses and other valued prizes are raffled off. The better attendance a student has the better the chance he or she has of winning a prize. It’s a fun and exciting time for our students.


Spring Field Trip Part 1

A school year isn’t complete without a field trip or two. Learning in Style Students will be visiting the Minneapolis Institute of Art on Friday, May 10. Students are often times surprised and delighted that the Art Institute is free of charge. We hope this first trip results in many more visits to come.