Our Second Year of Summer School

Greetings from the six teachers and 41 students attending summer school this year. Students are focused on writing skills, conversational speaking, preparing for their citizenship tests and building computer skills.

This is the second year Learning in Style School has offered summer school and we are pleased with the results. Last year we had 34 students enrolled, this year we have 41. Last year students were in school for a combined total of 356 hours. This year we expect students will take over 550 hours of instruction.

Friends and volunteers have also added their fair share of hours. We have two Blake School students volunteering in the classroom and Children’s Room, students from Loyola High School volunteered their time to weed the garden and wash the tables, our volunteer registrars were available to enroll students for the fall term and manage the front desk  and students and teachers dropped by to say “hi”.

The last day of summer school is this Wednesday, July 3rd. We want to congratulate our students for their  efforts and thank our staff and volunteers for their great work. Enjoy the rest of summer!

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