Back to School 2022-23

All LIS classes begin September 12, 2022!

We are planning on offering online evening classes through Zoom. Time and schedule TBD.

Day Class Times:

9 AM, 10:30 AM, 1 PM Monday through Thursdays

Students who have teachers Christine and Elizabeth have classes on Zoom, all other classes are in person.

Childcare is currently unavailable and not yet open.

If you still have a tablet or laptop from last year, please return it ASAP.

Call (612) 870-1815 or stop by 2200 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis 55404.

Assisting Our Student Who Ride the Bus

In partnership with Metro Transit, Learning in Style School will coordinate student applications for reduced bus fares. We will hand out reduced fare bus cards to qualified students and teach them how to put money on their cards.

Timely, safe transportation to and from school is critical to our students’ success. We hope this program makes a positive difference in our students’ lives.

Lots Going On!

Learning in Style School is off to a strong start with 186 students registered. Educating our students in English, math, computer skills and citizenship is core to what we do. But we also provide additional educational and support services; from our library, to speakers (Michele McKenzie from The Advocates for Human Rights spoke recently), to flu shots to Whittier Neighborhood connections to daycare. Take a look at our bulletin board (above) to see what’s happening at our school.

Happy fall!


155 Students Strong

Our 2019-2020 school year has started and as of today there are 155 students attending English, math, computer lab and citizenship classes. And every week, students tell friends and family about Learning in Style School and they in turn become students. We expect the number of students will continue to increase throughout the year.

Fall is a fun and exciting time to be at Learning in Style School.

Our Second Year of Summer School

Greetings from the six teachers and 41 students attending summer school this year. Students are focused on writing skills, conversational speaking, preparing for their citizenship tests and building computer skills.

This is the second year Learning in Style School has offered summer school and we are pleased with the results. Last year we had 34 students enrolled, this year we have 41. Last year students were in school for a combined total of 356 hours. This year we expect students will take over 550 hours of instruction.

Friends and volunteers have also added their fair share of hours. We have two Blake School students volunteering in the classroom and Children’s Room, students from Loyola High School volunteered their time to weed the garden and wash the tables, our volunteer registrars were available to enroll students for the fall term and manage the front desk  and students and teachers dropped by to say “hi”.

The last day of summer school is this Wednesday, July 3rd. We want to congratulate our students for their  efforts and thank our staff and volunteers for their great work. Enjoy the rest of summer!

Our Final Week of School

It is our final week of school (before summer school begins) and we are recognizing our students who have had the best school attendance for the year.  Bad weather, child care, work schedules, family responsibilities, transportation and illness can impact the number of hours our students can attend Learning in Style School. We salute these students for their commitment and perseverance.

Prizes for Good Attendance

Every spring we recognize and reward students for good attendance at Learning in Style School. Students receive tickets for each week of perfect attendance. Towards the end of the school year they use these tickets to enter a lottery for prizes and gifts. Donations come from the Sponsor a Family Program as well as from friends of the school. Quilts and blankets, dishes, electronics, book bags, clothing, purses and other valued prizes are raffled off. The better attendance a student has the better the chance he or she has of winning a prize. It’s a fun and exciting time for our students.


Spring Field Trip Part 1

A school year isn’t complete without a field trip or two. Learning in Style Students will be visiting the Minneapolis Institute of Art on Friday, May 10. Students are often times surprised and delighted that the Art Institute is free of charge. We hope this first trip results in many more visits to come.