Warm Heads, Hands and Hearts

A number of our volunteers are making sure the children of our students have hats and mittens for the winter. Mom and dad students can pick up hand knit hats and mittens as they come in to the school.

Minnesota winters are harsh. These hats and mittens keep little heads and hands warm. We are grateful to our warm hearted and very skilled knitters!IMG_5723-1

Working with Key Partners to Support our Students

On October 26th representatives from Isuroon will be talking to our students about the services they provide.

Isuroon is a grassroots organization working for the health and connectedness of Somali women and girls so they and their families can thrive in Minnesota and globally. With us, women and girls build their own health and wellness, economic self-sufficiency, community engagement and leadership.

We are grateful to the many organizations that help us help our students.

All are welcome (and yes there will be daycare).IMG_5530

Thank you Holy Angels School

A big shout out to the students from Holy Angels School! Last spring they donated backpacks for our students and supplies for our Children’s Room.

Each backpack was filled with school supplies: notebooks, pens, pencils, erasers AND a very special note wishing each student a successful school year.

Our students are so grateful. The staff at Learning in Style is so grateful.

Thank you.

Celebrating the Lives of Refugees and Immigrants

The following is from Journeys: A Celebration of the Lives of Refugees & Immigrants. Two seniors from The Blake School interviewed twelve immigrants and refugees through Leaming In Style School. 

“Each interview has three components: a story, a picture and a piece of art. We wanted to try to keep the stories as authentic as we could, so they are essentially edited transcriptions of our interviews. Each person has their own voice, opinions, and journey and we hope you see that shine through in our writing. Additionally, you’ll find a photograph in each interview. Not all wanted their face pictured, but each photo captures a part of each person. Lastly, you’ll find a piece of watercolor artwork. Each piece of art is based on a small snippet of the persons story. They usually represent a favorite activity, place or something important or meaningful. You’ll be able to pull out why we chose each subject in the stories.”

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 1.53.36 PMWhen I was six years old, I fled from Somalia with my family and went to Ethiopia. I don’t remember much about Somalia but I know there were lots of problems. There was so much killing and death. I got married in Ethiopia to my husband who is also from Somalia. In Ethiopia, we had six kids together. Life was hard there. I had no job, there was very little water, and barely enough food.

In 2012, we moved to Utah. We were only in Utah for six months. Utah was also hard because I didn’t have many people there who could help me. I also knew no English and finding work was difficult. Even still, I liked it there. I moved to Minneapolis on July 17, 2013. In Minnesota life is good and easy. I like it here. I found a job at a daycare which is perfect because I love working with children. I also am able to learn English at Learning in Style and am now on level two. I’ve been learning English for five years; it’s very hard but I’m getting there. My husband used to go to school at Leaming in Style as well and now he works in a daycare with me. I want to continue to learn English because I like writing and reading. I love stories. I read a lot and sometimes I even write my own.

In the future, I hope my kids will finish middle school and high school and college. My youngest is nine years old and my oldest is nineteen. My daughter, who’s the oldest, wants to be a doctor, and I hope so much that her dream will come true. I want my second-oldest, my son, to be an engineer. But overall, I just want my kids to just be happy. Only my two oldest kids remember Ethiopia, they were eleven and nine when we left. But they like it here very much. All of my kids like school here and speak English so well — they speak English too much! My daughter is graduating from high school this year and she will be going to a university in Minnesota next fall. I’m very proud of her.

Eat On The Street

Learning in Style is located in the Whittier neighborhood, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Minneapolis. We are proud members of the Whittier Alliance , a group of businesses and non -profits that reside in the neighborhood and work together for the neighborhood’s common good. This coming Saturday, September 15 is “Eat On The Street” day. Please join us for great food, beautiful art, music and fun. We will be there!

Volunteers Needed for the Children’s Room!

We are currently in need of volunteers who are full of youthful energy, a desire to act silly, and a love for children!

While parents are in the classroom learning English we offer child care in our Children’s Room. The Children’s Room is open to young ones who have yet to enter pre-school. We provide exercise time, story time, and snack time. The children provide laughter, energy, and a capacity to learn!

We are super flexible with days and times – you can volunteer for as much as a day a week or as little as an hour of week.  If you are interested in volunteering please contact us at:

612-870-1815 or email us at: marriaza@lisschool.org

Summer School 2018


We are excited to offer summer school for the first time!

School will be in session Monday through Thursday starting July 9 and ending August 2

Three classes will be taught: ABC Refresh, Conversational English and Preparation for Citizenship

Each class will be an hour long.

Students can choose to attend the 9;30 or 10:30 class or take two different classes, one at 9:30 and the other at 10:30


The Key

Our volunteers make a difference in so many ways, they are an essential part of our team. We honored them a few weeks ago; each volunteer had their picture posted on our bulletin board and was given the memento below.899dd5b0-33f7-4356-b6c3-14f640064904

Rededicating Our Peace Pole

DSC_0114-adjOn May 1st we gathered together for our fourth year to rededicate our Peace Pole. Students and staff pass by the pole everyday on the way to school. The inscription on the pole says “May Peace prevail on earth” in eight languages.

Our pole is one of more than 200,000 standing in every country in the world. The idea of a Peace Pole began in Japan in 1955 by a man whose country experienced the atomic bombing on two of their cities.

We joined with people all over the world who want our world to be at peace. In rededicating our pole we are asking that we may be filled with peace, living as brothers and sisters and harming no one.

Six Things


Mariana and Marcy are remarkable, dedicated women and a gift to Learning in Style School – here are just a few of the things they have done recently:
1) Created the Learning In Style poster board which was then used for a tabling at the Whittier Alliance Annual board meeting.
2) Created 2 different flyers advertising Learning In Style school  that we plan to post at establishments in the neighborhood. Flyers will be in multiple languages.
3) Going strong with the reading program called Book Smart. We do one-to-one reading as well as small group reading of children’s books. Students can practice reading aloud, study vocabulary words, and discuss important life lessons from the stories they read. We have 8 adults students attending the program every Tuesday from 12:30 – 1:00 pm and they are welcome to bring their children (4 years old or younger).
4) Invited organizations to talk to each of the classrooms about the resources they offer. Groups included: Metro State nursing students to inform students about the flu and vaccinations, Employment counselors from CAPI talked to our students about services to find employment and housing, and Hennepin County child and teen checkup program who will discuss health checkups for children and teenagers.
5) Taught a computer class for students on two separate Fridays concerning different topics – the first topic was why e-mails can be important and how to create one, and the second topic was internet searching, basic computer words (“mouse”, “keyboard”, “headphones”). We hope to have one more computer class because they are popular. Ideas include internet safety or have an employment counselor come to discuss resume-building on the computer.
6) Are planning other Friday life skills class for the upcoming month which include taking a tour at MIA, touring local libraries to check out all their services, computer class, and possibly a cooking class.
They make a difference every day. We are so proud of the work they do and so grateful they are a part of The Learning in Style Family.