Childcare is currently unavailable at Learning in Style and is not yet open.

The Children’s Room provides educational play activities for children ages six weeks to five years in a “family style” program. The program promotes the cognitive, emotional, social, physical and language development of each child in a loving and nurturing environment.

Learning In Style’s Children’s Room is anchored in the belief that young children learn through play, interaction with others and exploration of their environment. The Children’s Room staff and volunteers provide opportunities for imaginative play, creative art projects, sensory activities, song and story time. You might find us playing house, painting pictures, solving puzzles, playing with playdough, blocks and trains or reading books. The natural creativity and curiosity of young children are the building blocks of learning.

For students: a parent or legal guardian must be in the building and in class in order for a child to participate. Childcare space is limited and there is typically a waiting list. For more information about the Children’s Room, contact Learning In Style at 612-870-1815.

Questions about Learning In Style? Contact us at or 612-870-1815.