Volunteers are integral to our work and each volunteer gives us needed help as they bring their own remarkable experience and willingness to pitch in where needed.

LIS volunteers serve as assistants in the English classrooms, the computer lab, the math lab, the citizenship classes and in the Children’s Room. Volunteers help with special courses of interest and help with registration, general office work, and make our grounds look inviting. Our volunteers select a time schedule and day/s of the week that work best for them.

Volunteer opportunities include:

Assisting teachers in English and/or math classes on a one-to-one or small group basis: Our students can learn faster and better with one on one tutoring and coaching.

Helping in the Children’s Room: Volunteers read to and play games with the children of our students while they are in class. They give children the one on one attention they need.

Sharing expertise in healthcare, immigration, employment, financial services and early childhood education: Volunteers provide in-services for staff and/or students on topics of interest such as heathcare, immigration, employment, finance and early childhood education.

General gardening, yard work and maintenance: We want our facility to be inviting to our students and a place the staff, students and neighborhood can be proud of.

Receptionist Tasks and Office Work: Help with office work, such as answering calls, greeting students, and helping students with parking.

Interested in volunteering with Learning In Style? Contact us at info@lisschool.org or 612-870-1815.


Provide financial support through a one-time or reoccurring gift.

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Support via Amazon: Learning In Style has a wish list on Amazon. School supplies and children’s items can be ordered and sent directly to the school. You can access the list here

Questions about Learning In Style? Contact us at info@lisschool.org or 612-870-1815.