Obtaining Citizenship – A Story Of One Of Our Students

longroad.jpgMy Big Day in America

By a LIS student originally from Togo

I remember when I got my USA citizenship with my teacher Martha’s help at Learning In Style School. When I started to take a citizenship class, it was so hard for me. Everything the teacher showed to us was strange to me, but on the other hand, the others students knew every- thing. I asked my teacher, “Will I be able to memorize all these things, too?”

She said, “Don’t worry, it will be the same for you, too.”

I kept studying, and in few months it became easy for me. Now I was ready to apply. I did in a few weeks. I did my fingerprints. In a few weeks I got my letter for my interview. Two days before my interview, my teacher put me on the hot seat. Other students and my teacher asked me all the 100 questions. I just missed one.

Then my teacher told me I was ready.

I was so scared because I didn’t know how it would be. Finally the day come and it was so easy. The lady I met that day was so kind to me. After she asked me a few questions, she said, “Congratulations.” I gave her a big hug to thank her. She told me to wait for my letter for taking the oath. The day after my interview, my English teacher Laura organized a party for me. There was a nice, huge cake with “Congratulations” on it.

In a few weeks my letter came. When I got it, I told my citizen teacher and my extra English teacher that July 2 would be the day that I would be taking my oath.

They said they would be there. It was in St. Paul. I went there with my family. I was so surprised to see a lot of generous people who came for my special day, like my English teacher and her sister, my citizenship teacher and her husband, my extra English teacher and my kids’ daycare teacher. They were there with appreciation gifts for me. We were so happy and enjoyed the ceremony together in a big hall with many,many people from different countries. I

My thanks for everybody for all of the things they did for me. God bless them and Learning In Style with happiness, and God bless the USA.

Used with permission from the Minnesota Literacy Council,

1-800-225-READ, mnliteracy.org

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