Six Things


Mariana and Marcy are remarkable, dedicated women and a gift to Learning in Style School – here are just a few of the things they have done recently:
1) Created the Learning In Style poster board which was then used for a tabling at the Whittier Alliance Annual board meeting.
2) Created 2 different flyers advertising Learning In Style school  that we plan to post at establishments in the neighborhood. Flyers will be in multiple languages.
3) Going strong with the reading program called Book Smart. We do one-to-one reading as well as small group reading of children’s books. Students can practice reading aloud, study vocabulary words, and discuss important life lessons from the stories they read. We have 8 adults students attending the program every Tuesday from 12:30 – 1:00 pm and they are welcome to bring their children (4 years old or younger).
4) Invited organizations to talk to each of the classrooms about the resources they offer. Groups included: Metro State nursing students to inform students about the flu and vaccinations, Employment counselors from CAPI talked to our students about services to find employment and housing, and Hennepin County child and teen checkup program who will discuss health checkups for children and teenagers.
5) Taught a computer class for students on two separate Fridays concerning different topics – the first topic was why e-mails can be important and how to create one, and the second topic was internet searching, basic computer words (“mouse”, “keyboard”, “headphones”). We hope to have one more computer class because they are popular. Ideas include internet safety or have an employment counselor come to discuss resume-building on the computer.
6) Are planning other Friday life skills class for the upcoming month which include taking a tour at MIA, touring local libraries to check out all their services, computer class, and possibly a cooking class.
They make a difference every day. We are so proud of the work they do and so grateful they are a part of The Learning in Style Family.

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