LIS Students Respond to Laudato Si – Care for the Environment

Posted on January 13, 2016

careenvironment1Students at LIS are learning practical means of caring for the environment.  The inspiration for this learning activity is Pope Francis’ encyclical, Laudato Si (translated ‘Praise be to You, my Lord’).

Teachers Mary Lorentz, Mary Lang, Theresa Guenther and Donna Wermus are developing learning activities that address respect for water, land, and recycling.  This curriculum is being used in all the classes.

The first activity, Respect for Water, has been completed.  Students were taught to be aware and encouraged to take action to conserve water whenever possible.  Some suggested ways were:  Take shorter showers, turn off water while brushing teeth, use the washing machine only when there is a full load.

Everyone was given a “home” sheet to work as a family, as they find ways to save water.  Each week for a period of six weeks LIS students placed a paper water drop on a chart in the main hallway after they told their class what they did to conserve water that week.  This chart serves as a visual reminder of the importance of conserving water.

The next activity is ‘Reuse and Recycle.’  It will begin in February.

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